Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Importance of Evaluating Efficiency for a New Boiler Installation

Investing in a new boiler installation is a crucial endeavour and requires your utmost deliberation. You have to look at all the options available before deciding on the boiler type and the services to get. Boiler efficiency is one of the vital points that will sway your purchase decision. After all, certain regulations require homeowners to have high-efficiency boilers installed in their homes. The efficiency standards of a boiler will also determine your carbon footprint and energy bills. So, how do you tell how efficient a boiler is and if it is the best choice for your heating needs?

Sedbuk Ratings

The rating for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boiler (Sedbuk) is one of the metrics used. It is derived from the capability of a system to turn fuel into heating energy. Sedbuk ratings are in two forms, old and new. In old labels, the Sedbuk ratings are A to G with A being a system with an efficiency of +90%. With new labels, ratings are in percentages. Currently, homeowners are required to have boilers with 88% efficiency or more.

Of course, the heating needs of your home will determine the efficiency standards to meet. A heating contractor can evaluate those requirements and recommend a system that caters to them. European energy labels will also help you pick a boiler with high efficiency for your home.

Professional Services

If your current boiler is always breaking down, switching it to a newer model will result in cost savings and reduce CO2 emissions. After making your choice, ensure that the boiler installation is by a professional. Incorrect installation can also cause a boiler to lose heat and consequently, its efficiency. The position, location and piping during installation will matter a great deal. A contractor will also know if there is anything more to do in your home to increase the performance of a boiler. Having the right ventilation system, for instance, will have an impact. Get a contractor that understands the heating needs of your home.


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