Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Combi Boiler Swap: Estimating the Cost of a New Boiler Installations

Your home may be due for a boiler swap, and you may be wondering how much it is going to cost. Using an inefficient system comes with a lot of stress not to mention it’s highly expensive. So you decide to swap out a G-rated boiler with an A-rated one but what will influence the cost of boiler installations?

First, know if you are eligible for a government grant for boiler replacement. The Affordable Warmth Scheme is a program that makes it possible for eligible homes in the UK to get grants for energy efficient boilers. A combi boiler’s fuel type, brand and size will determine the initial purchase price.

Installation Work

When it comes to paying for the labour, several aspects will come into play. The amount of work that a contractor has to do is what dictates the total cost of installation. Power flushing is always recommended when getting a boiler swap. It is also suitable for older flue systems. If the installer has to power flush, then include the service in cost calculations.

Consider if the boiler swap is in the same position as well. It will cost more to carry out boiler installation in a new location. On this same point, think about the piping; is there a need for new ones? If so, you have to budget for the services.


A homeowner with a heat-only system will have to get a few upgrades when swapping a combi boiler. For example, the hot water storage cylinder will have to go. You also won’t have a use for the feed and expansion tank. The system will also require a venting system for waste gases. How intricate it is and the length of the vents will dictate the amount of work required. Consider if the contractor will have to work on the condensate drain as well.

The approximate costs of these variables will depend on the contractor you are using for boiler installation.


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