Friday, June 17, 2016

Relocating a Boiler: Critical Considerations for Boiler Installation

The question of relocating a boiler is one that comes up quite frequently. Sometimes, relocation is not something you plan for; it just becomes necessary along the way. Maybe you are getting a swap and want the new boiler installation to be somewhere more convenient. Or maybe an existing boiler is not meeting its maximum efficiency at its current position. Another reason could be that the current positioning does not allow for proper servicing. However, there are considerations to make when relocating a boiler.

Piping Needs

One is that your home may need extensive pipe installations. Boilers have recommended piping requirements and moving it means moving the pipes as well. It may necessitate quite a bit of work to run the pipes in new directions. The further the boiler moves, the more extensive the pipework. Another point to remember is that; depending on where the pipes are located, parts of your home such as the floorboards, carpeting or even ceilings may have to be removed. A boiler installation expert can tell you if it’s possible to run the pipes on the outside. The other option is to get surface pipework. A flue is another requirement that may be necessary when relocating a boiler (combi). It means having to drill at the new location.


When contemplating moving a boiler, think about the distance to the hot taps. If a boiler is too far from the taps, it means that hot water takes longer to heat and travel to the user points. In the case of an impending relocation, a contractor can help you choose an area where you will still use hot water without too many inconveniences. You must also consider the regulations. If, for example, you have moved into a new house and the existing boiler is in a bad location, find out of the building codes allow you to move it. The new position must also meet boiler installation standards.


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