Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boiler Installation: The Different Types to Know

A boiler is essential if you want a hot bath. To assist homeowners with their choice, below are common boiler types and their features:

Combination Boilers

With combi boilers, residents get to enjoy an infinite supply of hot water for their baths or showers whenever they desire, as well as consistent heat throughout the house. Since combi boilers don’t utilise tanks, the system also takes up limited space in the home, allowing for flexibility in home layout and renovation.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Boiler Installation in London: Three Boiler Types and Their Benefits

Boiler installation in London, through companies like LB Plumbing & Heating, can be done more conveniently if you know what type of boiler you prefer. To assist homeowners with their choice, below are common boiler types and their features: Combination Boilers There are three leading boiler types, namely, combination, system, and conventional. The most frequently used in the U.K. is the combination (or combi) boiler, which is fuelled by either electricity or gas. Its efficiency in providing central heating and hot water simultaneously without using any tanks or cylinders makes it popular.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Troubleshooting Boiler System Defects with London Boiler Installers

Another reason could be combustion gas leaks or some other disturbance in the system, which may put the other parts of the house at risk. While leakage is not apparent as the boilers continue to function, it can be determined by searching for accumulated deposits like coloured mineral salts or surface stains. Rust, though acceptable in small amounts, will have to be cleaned to avoid more leaks over time. For boilers with disturbing noises, a possible cause could be the improper distribution of heat. Have licensed London boiler installers like LB Plumbing & Heating check the machine as soon as possible as this may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, among other things. The same thing goes for signs of smoke discharge.