Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boiler Installation: The Different Types to Know

A boiler is essential if you want a hot bath. To assist homeowners with their choice, below are common boiler types and their features:

Combination Boilers

With combi boilers, residents get to enjoy an infinite supply of hot water for their baths or showers whenever they desire, as well as consistent heat throughout the house. Since combi boilers don’t utilise tanks, the system also takes up limited space in the home, allowing for flexibility in home layout and renovation.

System Boilers

The system boiler or sealed system has a water cylinder but does not maintain a water tank. System boilers are capable of providing hot water to different outlets simultaneously, making it suitable for large families or households. Due to the nature of the system, which requires hot water storage, heating the water for direct use or for centralised heating isn’t instantaneous.

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers or open vent/regular boilers work much like system boilers in that they have a cylinder. The only difference is these have a cold water tank and a separate feed, which are usually housed in the loft. The tank and feed supplies the cylinder.

Regardless of what boiler type you have installed in your home, every boiler requires proper inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement. To get the most out of your heating and hot water system, make sure you consult experts in boiler installation to keep your system running.

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