Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is it Time for Boiler Replacement? The Challenges of Using Old Boilers

Everyone enjoys a warm house and hot water running from taps. In most cases, a boiler will serve a household for about fifteen to twenty years after which it becomes old, and you experience several problems that will necessitate a boiler replacement.

Less Efficiency

People who use aged boilers in their homes often have to dig deeper into their pockets because of high running costs. The high costs result from a combination of old technology and age that make them less efficient. When operating costs are greater than the price of buying and installing a new boiler, your plumber will likely recommend a replacement.

They take Much Space in the Home

When you live in a house for some time, you tend to acquire more things, and you will obviously need space for them. Some old boilers take up too much space, which is a problem you can easily solve with some of the new designs that can be mounted on walls.

Lack of Spare Parts for Repair

As time passes by, manufacturers make new models of boilers and discontinue the manufacture of old ones. It can, therefore, be very hard to get spare parts to repair your old boiler once it gets damaged. In such a case, the only solution will be to replace your boiler with a newer model.

You have to call in Your Engineer regularly for Repairs

Old boilers experience perennial problems, and these include damage to parts such as thermostats and faulty pipes. You might have called your plumber many times before for repairs only to have them back to attend to more problems. Such is a situation that calls for the immediate replacement of the boiler because you may end spending more on repairs as compared to getting a new one.

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