Friday, May 8, 2015

Top Boiler Problem Question: To Repair Or Replace?

The dreaded question that every homeowner has to face is whether their boiler should be repaired or replaced when a problem comes up. So here are a few things to take into consideration:

Cost – Of course, a repair is cheaper than a replacement, but how about in the long run? If your boiler keeps breaking down every few months or so, and you have to cash out for repairs every single time, then a replacement might save you more pounds.

Age – Remember that the older the boiler, the harder it is to look for spares and accessories, because some manufacturers would stop releasing them after some years. If you’re using an old boiler, you might as well replace it with a new one.  Also, older boilers are not high-condensing so a replacement might be a lot more beneficial for you.

Frequency – If it’s the first time your boiler has broken down, or if the last repair was more than a year ago, then it’s still in a pretty decent shape so repair is more cost-effective.

Remember that new boilers come with a warranty—or at least they should—so buying a new one can save you a lot on repair expenses. However, if your boiler keeps breaking down frequently despite the warranty-covered repairs then that’s a sign that you’ll only face much stress once the warranty expires, and it might be better to look for a new one.

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