Monday, May 11, 2015

Combi Boilers are a Great Choice for Your Flat

Combi boilers save on space a lot because of their construction. Some owners letting their places can benefit from installing combi boilers to help upgrade creature comforts in their properties and entice new tenants. When your flat’s heating system needs to go to the next level, a company skilled at boiler installation in London will be up to the challenge.

The Grid

Combis have a rather simple piping arrangement, particularly for flats. The boiler itself is linked to the complex’s main water supply, and the pipes conveniently connect to various parts of the system, such as the radiators and hot-water outlets. This eliminates the need for space-hogging hot and cold water tanks. The radiators have return lines to the boiler; however, if you need more radiators to link to the boiler, you may need a larger combi unit.

Check out a reliable installer’s offerings to get ideas on which combi boiler units are worth installing in your flat. The best companies offer products from industry leaders like Honeywell and Vaillant. The latter is particularly renowned for its good efficiency ratings.

Using the right boiler for a flat will help guarantee comfortable indoor temperatures and a reliable source of heated water, while conserving energy. Experts in London boiler installations will help you choose the appropriate system, and perform the installation to guarantee that you get maximum efficiency and performance from your unit.

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