Friday, May 1, 2015

Changing the Boiler: Hints and Tips

In general, a boiler should last up to 15 years, and if your old boiler is still working, you might think you have no urgent need to replace it. There are compelling reasons to install a newer boiler, though. 

Modern boilers are more energy efficient than those installed about 10 years ago. You can expect to use less gas for it, too. Modern boilers also often have temperature control features that make it easier to customise the temperature to your personal comfort level. If you’re considering buying a new boiler, here are a few hints to help you determine when to make the purchase and how to make the right choice.

To find out for sure if your boiler needs replacing, visit the British Gas website and type in your unique Gas Council Number, which you can find on the boiler itself or in the user manual. It will tell you the boiler efficiency rating and how much money you could save by installing a new A-rated boiler. Once you’ve determined you need a new boiler, you must decide what type to get.

There was a time when customers had to choose between a condensing boiler and a combination boiler. The choice is less critical with modern boilers because they’re all fitted with condensing technology. Combi boilers produce hot water 'on demand', when you turn on the tap, which means that if you need hot water in a hurry, you don't have to wait for the entire tank to heat up. The down side here is that several gallons of cold water might have to be wasted while waiting for the boiler to fire up.

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