Friday, April 1, 2016

Boiler Installation: Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Location

A boiler will cater to the hot water needs in your home. When installing a new boiler to replace an old one, you have to consider a lot of factors. Choosing the right boiler is the challenging and most crucial part; however, you must also think about the positioning or location of the boiler. Before you call in experts to provide boiler installation services, get an idea of where the system is going to serve you optimally.


One of the factors to consider is the amount of space. There should be enough space to fit the boiler. If it’s a combi boiler, then you won’t need a lot of space. If yours is a conventional system, then you will need space for the water tank as well. The garage and basement are two of the most common choices for sizeable boilers.


Proximity to the drainage is also paramount. Your boiler should be able to reach the drainage system without too much hassle. Positioning the boiler too far from the drainage will require the installation of drainage pipes and that will cost more.

Room Temperature

The temperature in the room will significantly influence the functioning of a boiler. A garage, for instance, is outside the home and does not have heat. Placing a boiler in the garage will necessitate a frost thermostat to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Flue System

You should think about the flue systems as well. If you have a condensing boiler, the release of steam into the home can be problematic, and the flue prevents that. The location you pick should provide space for a flue system. If the boiler is upstairs in the loft, then the flue will have to go out the roof.


When picking the location for your boiler installation, consider the eventual servicing and the maintenance needs. The area should provide sufficient access for contractors to get through. Safety should be a concern when choosing a suitable location. Consult your installation expert and find the best place in your home to install your boiler. Hire an installer who will stick to the wiring and building regulations when installing your new boiler.

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