Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing a Good Plumber for Boiler Installation

Getting a new boiler can save you money on your energy bill, provide you with more comfortable living conditions, and ensure the best possible level of energy efficiency for your home. Of course, this assumes that your boiler was installed properly. After all, an improperly installed boiler can actually lead to higher energy bills. Keep the following guide in mind when choosing a plumber for your installation needs:

Gas Safe Register

Always ensure that the installation service you use is Gas Safe registered. The registry is only open to installers and plumbers who are qualified and that are legally certified to work on gas appliances, therefore ensuring that they are competently skilled and appropriately qualified to work on the boiler and hot water system that you are having fitted.

Reliability And Reputation

Start by interviewing a plumbing service. Ask questions relating to the service’s experience with boiler installation. You should also consider any testimonials and customer reviews that you can access, because these will give a reasonable indication of the level of their work and how reliable they are. A plumbing service, such as LB Plumbing and Heating, that passes your interview and receives good reviews is a good choice.

Additional Checks

There are further checks you can make, to ensure total peace of mind. Does the company have the appropriate public liability insurance? Do they offer guarantees of their work, as well as manufacturer warrantees for the products that they install. Problems can occur, even when you use the best quality products and highly skilled installers, so these guarantees and warrantees are just as important as cost and registration.

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