Monday, May 16, 2016

What Should Be Included in Your Full Boiler Installation Quotation?

The price of fitting a new or replacement boiler is frequently an expense that homeowners feel they can do without. Indeed, the cost of a boiler installation can, in many cases, be greater than the boiler itself. Therefore, it is important to know the details of what you can expect in a boiler installation quotation before going ahead with a contractor.

Firstly, your quotation should be for a suitable boiler that is safety rated and sized for the sort of central heating system you have. The type and size of boiler will vary greatly, usually depending on the size of your property. Only a fully qualified boiler engineer should be considered the right person to judge this. Once a system has been rated of course, there may be a number of different boilers to choose from.

Along with the boiler equipment itself, the quotation should also include an indication of the cost of the expected fitting works. Some homeowners are surprised at the cost of a professional installation, but it is important to note that this is not the sort of DIY job that you can undertake yourself. By law, works carried out on boilers - either replacing or repairing them - must be conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Remember that a new boiler installation is not the only job that needs to be done. The safe removal of your old boiler must also be carried out by a qualified engineer. Since gas engineers train for many years to be able to do this sort of work, the pricing reflects their skill and expertise. Check your quotation for the yellow Gas Safe logo and if you have any doubt, then confirm the accreditation of the company or trader you are considering appointing to do your work.

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