Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Boiler Types: What’s Available in the Market

Buying a new boiler for your London home, either as a replacement or as a fresh installation, is an essential part of ensuring the comfort of your house. Access to hot water on cold evenings makes things for a relaxing way to end the day, after all. However, when buying a boiler, you’ll need to know which type of boiler is the best for your home. Here are the common types available.

  • Condensing Boiler. Condensing boilers are a popular choice in the U.K. because it uses gas and has a clever design. It doesn’t just heat water by passing through a central chamber, but also rewarms returned water from your heating system to use it again.

  • Oil Boiler. Oil boilers are a popular choice when gas pipes aren’t locally available. Oil instead of gas fuels it and it heats water as it travels through the pipes of the boiler.

  • Biomass Boiler. Wood has always been a favourite fuel in days past. Biomass boilers use pellets instead of logs as fuel and they work in the same way as old-fashioned boilers and require a vent for the smoke produced by burning the pellets.

Depending on what type of boiler you end up buying, you will want it installed by professionals. This ensures that the boiler installation is done properly and quickly. You can also be sure that when you call in the installers for repairs that they’d be familiar with your setup.

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